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When The Lights Go Out, Be Ready.

HauntTO is an interactive terror maze filled with triggers, traps, and terrors. We've studied your nightmares. Now we're bringing them to life.

We have some sad news.

It is with heavy and partially eaten hearts that we have to cancel HauntTO for this Halloween season.

Unfortunately, at the witching hour, we were hit with some zoning and occupancy issues that cannot be resolved in time for our run. It's definitely crushing news. We have poured our blood sweat and tears into this experience (quite literally in some cases) and wanted to share these scares with you.

To those who bought tickets, we will be sending full refunds. Please check your inboxes over the next few days.

We are keeping the maze up for a short while to document our work and have some fun with it before it has to come down. Huge thanks for the aMAZEing work on the build from the Makeshift Studio team ( Alex M. Chong, Nam Hoang, and Julian Chu Snider) and build crew and for the phenomenal set design from Kevin Flynn and Jodi Sharp. Pre-experience design by Kyle White and Kwame. Volunteer coordination by Sofia Timkovski and Marketing by Paddy Jane.